Sexual Double Standards

We think that it is important to point out that sexual double standards between men and women have never been fair.

I think that at some point every one has been affected by this or maybe even over heard it being done to someone else.

Here is a great example, if you ever hear a group of guys talking and one of them says, “Hey, guys. I slept with a bunch of women this week.”

The other guys in the group will not hesitate to act in celebration with the guy, hugging him, giving him high fives, telling him how cool he is, etc.

Now, if a woman was to walk up to the same group of guys, over hearing their conversation and wanted to join in by saying, “Nice. I can relate, I actually slept with a fair share of men this week myself!”

The whole group would immediately look down at her, calling her names, disrespecting her choices, telling her that she needs to be careful or that she needs to keep her legs closed and knock it off.

Humans are humans despite gender, sex is a normal, natural thing, which women can enjoy just as much, if not more than men.

Women have the right to have the same amount of sexual activity or more than a man and not have to feel ashamed for doing it.

Unfortunately for women, the feminist movement is fighting against a lot more than just the amount of sex women have.

They are also trying to open peoples eyes to other things, such as masturbation.

Men brag about watching porn, wanking off in front of the television for hours when they get home to an empty house, as well as talk about how great their ‘parts’ are and many other things.

But women supposedly should not even mention the words ‘porn’ or ‘masturbation’, without it being considered wrong or inappropriate.

Or if they are able to accomplish amazing sexual feats such as a squirting orgasm, a very popular topic discussed at, and want to be proud about such a thing (and rightfully so!), they instead have to keep it to themselves, unless they want to be called ‘disgusting’ or a ‘freak’.

Squirting, along with anything else a women does with her own body is definitely not disgusting.

It is perfectly natural.

On the other hand, that double standard mentality in general is in fact disgusting.

Women have just as much of a right to pleasure themselves as men do, in whatever ways they see fit.

However, the double standard does not just end when women are alone, either.

We need to talk about the fact that women can be just as dirty or kinky as she wants in the bedroom, if she wants to use handcuffs or use a paddle, that is perfectly normal for women to explore in their sexual dreams as well as for men.

Men always talk about how great it would be if their wife was to agree to them having a threesome, sorry to burst your bubble guys but, there are a lot of women out there who are in open relationships or have been with different partners and are not ashamed to explore their sexuality.

When it comes to women and a sexual double standard, one thing is clear, it is a pointless debate.

Women have the right to do whatever they want to sexually and no one, not another man or even a woman has a right to say anything to her about it because we all deserve the same basic human respect from one another.