Hints That He’s Just a Player

Are you dating a guy you think is a keeper, but at the same time you’re always wondering whether or not he’s a player? Would you like to know how to easily figure out if he’s a player or not? Do you want to save yourself the heartbreak of being with a guy who’s not really the keeper you thought he is? You are definitely not the only woman to struggle with questions like these. It seems like guys are especially hard to decipher. There are so many circumstances that depend on whether or not a particular guy is just playing you, or really into you.

If you’re tired of always being uncertain about how he feels about you, there are several ways that you can use to figure out if he’s a player. Here are three ways to help you know for sure whether or not he’s taking you for a ride.

1. How does he act when in your physical presence?

While you may be compatible, and you may truly like each other, it’s important to check up on how he is being physically present in your relationship. It’s easy to assume because he keeps saying the same thing over and over again that he considers you to be his most significant relationship. Really though, look at how he’s showing you his love from prolonged eye contact, a confident smile, and how he’s engaging in small talk with you. If you’re looking at the chronically-bad signs, you need to wake up and take you self out of the situation before it is too late.

2. How much does he “guard” his phone while around you?

This one is especially telling for players who actively have “side pieces”, or are looking for something on the side, even while dating you. For these men in particular, they will not let you look at their phone, even for just a second to check the time. The fact of the matter is that they have texts and other online conversations that they absolutely do not want you to see. If they are hiding their phones and being overly cautious with it while you are around, that behavior should speak for itself.

And the same applies to their computers and/or laptops, another place where he could be having flirty conversations behind your back. Basically, if he’s hiding anything from you, then he is being a player when he’s away from you and you cannot trust him whatsoever.

3. How does he communicate with you in person?

When you’re together, is he really there and listening? Do you have the feeling that he’s just remembers his own name, picking up a conversation that you said in a conversation somewhere, and just regurgitating it all the way back to his mouth? Is he evasive in responding to any questions that concern you?

One big red flag is he’ll never let you in on anything more than what he agrees to know, which may include his entire conversation with others. A man that is being genuine won’t ever hide anything from you. If it’s important to you, he’ll be willing to give you the entire story, and you’ll be able to decide if you want to continue seeing him. If he’s telling you a story and then cutting you off just to ask you if you’re still interested, then you may have to consider cutting your losses because he’s a player and is most likely just looking to score.

So many aspects of a guys behavior make it difficult to determine if he’s a player. We can’t rule out a guy who is a player, but most of the time these are signs to be wary of. Don’t be fooled by his perfect gentleman manner, these are the least of his concern. Most of the time they are only out to take from you.

If you see any of these signs, definitely be wary and watch his behavior even more closely. And if you see all of these signs, well then the only self-respecting thing to do is to dump him immediately! Strong and independent women do not need to put up with that, and it’s time that men start realizing that a “player’s attitude” will get them nowhere with women.