Gender Pay Gap

For those of you who are wondering, ‘What is a pay gap?’

Well, for instance, if a man and a woman were both working for the same company, in the same position, the man would get paid more for doing the same job as the woman, simply because he is a man.

Now, this is something that has been going on since women were allow to become a part of the work force, it is something that over time, they just began to get used to.

It might sound silly to women in this day and age of why they would have just agreed to it way back then but, you would have to look at it from their perspective, I mean they were just allowed to join the work force, there is no way that they would start a strike about what they are getting paid.

Hell, they were just happy to be able to leave their house work behind and start making their own money.

This was a huge deal for a large amount of reasons.

Having their own money meant that women were allowed to divorce their husbands and still be able to support themselves and their children.

It meant that they had the freedom to further their education and learn trade skills that could be useful to them later on in their lives and be something that they could pass down to their children.

It meant that they were now one step closer to being an equal to men in the eyes of the entire world.

Let us just say, they did not want to lose the freedom they just gained by causing an uprise and as time went on, no one ever really stood up about it.

Lately, in our current time, that is all you hear about, the feminist movement and with the help of the internet and social media, the troubles that women are facing are becoming more virial and they are having a larger backing that ever before in history.

People are tired of separation, the world is ready for compromise, peace, and utter love for one another regardless of what makes them different than everyone else.

The gender pay gap is a huge deal right now, when women are going through school, getting all the needed credits, going through all of the same training as men and are still getting paid less.

The difference in pay is not small either, it can range all the way up to 20,000$ in an annual difference between pay in the genders, for the exact same job.

There is absolutely no reason that women should not be making equal pay for equal work, they are just as deserving of their paycheck as the men are.

She should have the same business rights as any man and nothing about her pay, promotions or position should be looked at any different because of her gender, if she is good at what she does then she should be treated just as everyone else would if they were her.

We are too far in advancement of intelligent life, to be hung up on something so petty as women are different than men, we are all equally human, born under the same blanket of rights which should be distributed fairy between all American’s, if we ever expect to truly be free.