Domestic Labor

It is no secret that the roles of a household have been pretty standard for a long time, men go to work and women, well, do everything else.

In today’s age, things are beginning to slowly start to change though, sometimes you will see that the woman in the house works and the man stays home and does the housework, the cleaning, the taking care of the kids, etc.

Even though you will be able to find a man, like the one stated above, extremely far and inbetween, more men need to take responsibility for their half of the marriage or relationship.

Chores are something that everyone hates, with a passion.

We are talking about men, women, and children.

We would rather walk a mile on hot coals than do the dishes or the laundry but, someone has to do it.

This ‘someone’ does not always mean the wife or girlfriend.

Especially when said wife or girlfriend already has a full-time day job, just like her husband or boyfriend (presumably) has.

The problem with this thought process is that many men think that women belong in the house, doing all of the things that they do not want to do but, as a man, it is your job as well as your partners to make sure that the other one feels appreciated and respected at all times.

It is important for men to realize that women DO NOT like to cook every meal, men, you should cook every other day and allow your partner to have a break once in a while.

In any relationship, domestic labor is one of the main things that should be split evenly between couple.

Trading off every other day, or agreeing to help each other tackle the whole house, to ensure that everything gets done that day, is great but, make sure that whatever you do, you do not just come home, sit down and expect her to do everything.

We understand that you are exhausted after a long day of work but so is she, everyone is tired, all of the time and no one wants to be bothered with things like doing the dishes or vacuuming the living room but, part of being in a relationship means to grow for the better of both of you.

Doing common housework does not mean that any man has ‘lost his man card’, ‘Is whipped’, or ‘had his balls taken away.’

Men, you will still be able to hold onto your boys, if you do the laundry every one in a while.

Plus, not to mention, it will give you a fresh light on your relationship, your partner will appreciate you more because you took a stand, on your own to help your significant other.

When it comes to how people view situations, a lot of it comes from what they saw or were taught in side of their homes as they were growing up.

Women are not items, they are humans and they deserve every right that a man has and should feel like they are having help around the house, because believe it or not but, a woman’s place is exactly the same as a man’s.