Media Portrayal of Women

If you have a television, then you will be the first to know that, women are a common part of shows, which is great but, how they are being portrayed could be causing an issue for the advancement of women in our world, here are some examples of how.

They are displayed as huge sex objects, if a woman is a popular actress, she is going to be seen wearing something that shows off her body, rather than giving her a strong female lead that shows how intelligent, caring, kind or all around amazing her skills are.

The media loves to make people think that women are not educated.

They will always have a man come up on the show and explain how the answer she gave is wrong and why, or they will have a male character come in to ‘save the day’ when a woman is in trouble, making it seem like she cannot do anything for herself.

One point of this that needs to be openly expressed is, yes, women do love when men do things for them, they love to be pampered, given gifts, having their bags carried, etc but, it is important to know your own reasoning behind why you are doing these things for her.

You are not doing them for her because you think she is helpless, you are doing them for her because you respect her enough that when you are around she should not have to do them for herself but, if she wants to do it on her own, you have to make it clear that you are okay with her independence.

We still currently live in a world where men get payed more to do the exact same job as a woman and the price difference is not just a few cents, in fact, it can range up to a whopping fifteen to twenty thousand dollars a year.

That is a gigantic increase for men, when women are out in the same field, doing the same duties but, yet they are making so much less simply because they are women, it just is not fair or should be a part of our culture.

Women are more than just objects, they are the reason our population is so plentiful, they are Mother’s, Doctor’s, Nurses, Lawyer’s, Cook’s, Train Dispatchers, Engineer’s, Mechanic’s and so much more.

We would not be here if it was not for a woman or a man, if the gift of birth is equally distributed between the two genders, then that shows that we are meant to be seen as equal to one another in every way that defines us as population.

The feminist movement is not just about women, it is about everyone who has ever been made feel small because of who they are, what they wear, how they decide to live, etc.

The outlook on women, does not just effect women, it touches everyone in the world in some way or another, once we look at us all as equals, the world will naturally begin to shift towards a greater good.

The first thing we need to realize, is that everything shown on television about women, is not true.