Press Releases

The Coalition has issued several press releases ahead of key events or in response to relevant documents. The press releases aim to provide a comprehensive gender perspective and analysis of important processes and documents, as well as highlight the expertise and stories of women around the globe who are working to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


Magazine Feature: “Was bringt’s den Frauen? Die neuen Weltziele bis 2030” (published in German in the December 2015 issue of Austrian magazine, Frauensolidarität) (English version: “What’s in it for Women? New World Goals for 2030”)

Press Release: “The Promise to ‘Leave No One Behind’: Financing the SDGs to Empower Women and Girls in Africa” (23 September 2015)

Press Release: “The Unequal 2030 Agenda: Improving Health and Rights for Women and Girls in Latin America and Caribbean” (23 September 2015)

Press Release: “The Backbone of Sustainable Development: Empowering Women’s Organizations to Protect Human Rights” (23 September 2015)

Press Release: “Translating the SDGs to Action: Participating for Peace for Women and Girls in the Middle East and North Africa” (23 September 2015)

Joint Press Release with Karama: “Arab women leaders criticize Sustainable Development Agenda for failing to respond to the situations of women in conflict” (28 August 2015)

Press Release: “The Zero Draft for Post-2015 Development Agenda Contains Gaps on Key Feminist Issues” (17 June 2015)

Press Release: “At the 59th UN Commission on the Status of Women the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition Launches ‘Vision Statement’ for Feminist Alternative Approaches to Sustainable Development” (12 March 2015)