Regional Organizations

2015-2016 Resources from Regional Organizations


African Woman & Child Feature Service
Post-2015 (archive of links)

“African Women & Girls Call on their Governments to Support Gender Equality in Totality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”
September 22, 2015
Post-2015 (archive of links)

Open Institute
Post-2015 (archive of links)


“Zika: A Perfect Storm of Climate Change, Disease, and SRHR”
February 3, 2016
“Gender, SRHR and the Post-2015 Agenda”
“SRHR in the post-2015 agenda – policy brief”
Post-2015 (archive of links)

IWRAW Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law & Development
“Global goals on women’s rights are a pale imitation of promises made in Beijing”
September 23, 2015
“Failing to Finance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”

August 19, 2015
“Final report: Asia Pacific CSO Forum on Beijing plus 20”

January 14, 2015


European Women’s Lobby

Gender and Development Network
” Measuring progress on women’s participation and influence in decision-making in the SDGs: Recommendations to the Inter-agency and Expert Group and UN Member States”
July 24, 2015
“Summary of positions on negotiations for the post-2015 framework”
July 22, 2015
“Post 2015 Working Group Propose Indicators for SDG Goal 5”
July 15, 2015
“Key Messages on Financing for Development from GADN”
June 22, 2015
“Making Financing for Development Work for Gender Equality: What is needed at Addis and beyond”
June 11, 2015
“Turning Promises into Progress: Gender equality and rights for women and girls – lessons learnt and actions needed”
February 26, 2015
Post-2015 (archive of links)

“From Agenda 2030 to post-Paris climate action: Six areas in which the Dutch Presidency can drive EU implementation of global deals”
January 13, 2016

Women in Development Europe (WIDE+)
Post-2015 Development Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals outcome review, Newsletter 4

December 2015

Middle East


“This is the brutal effect of war on the women of Syria”
January 29, 2016
“Arab women leaders call on the UN to integrate women’s realities in conflict into existing peace resolutions”
October 28, 2015
“Gender and Conflict Forum: The Arab region must address with adequate resolve the use of violence against women as a weapon of war”
October 14, 2015
“It’s raining men at the UN…which is a big problem”
September 28, 2015
“Arab women leaders criticize Sustainable Development Agenda for failing to respond to the situations of women in conflict” (Joint Press Release w/ Coalition)
August 28, 2015
“United Nations told that women are still being ignored in conflict”
July 16, 2015

North America

Post-2015 (archive of links)
“Special Issue: Outcome of FfD3”
August 2015

National Organizations

Austria: WIDE – Netzwerk Women in Development Europe
Post-2015 (archive of links)

Canada: Oxfam Canada
Post-2015 (archive of links)

India: Tarshi Endorsement
“Submission of Recommendations to the UNESCO Post-2015 Global Education Indicators” by ARROW
January 2015

Kenya: GCAP Kenya
Post-2015 (archive of links)

Netherlands: Women’s Peacemakers Program
“Launch Post-2015 Women’s Coalition Statement”
March 12, 2015

Uruguay: Social Watch
Post-2015 (archive of links)

United States: Feminist Task Force
Post-2015 (archive of links)

United States: Soros Foundation — Open Society
Post-2015 (archive of links)

United States: Urgent Action Fund
Post-2015 (archive of links)