Hillary Clinton

It is no secret that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a hard time running for office back in 2016.

There was a lot of controversy running around the wandering minds of those who could not wrap their minds around why she did not make it.

One of the reasons that was floating through the minds of thousands was that her ideas were not great enough for the United States.

It is pretty clear that her ideas where along the same lines of the others who were running and this could be ruled out pretty early on in the debate when it comes to the ‘why’.

Another popular reason was that her criminal history had a lot to do with people voting against her.

Every person who runs for office has a bad side, we are human, bottom line is that this was the excuse that many people used when asked why they were not pro Clinton.

Although, there was one reason that was not brought up in public conversation often and it was the fact that she is a woman and how this could have had a lot to do with why voters were turning against her.

It was a very big moment for women all over the world as the first presidential candidate in this gender has ever even attempted to run for President.

Women politicians give the world a slight churn in their stomachs and for one simple reason, fear.

That is right, we are scared of what would happen if a woman was to be in charge of a country, not to mention, American’s have a high reputation for being afraid of what they do not understand.

Even though having a woman in office would be a huge turning point for the feminist movement, there is no clear indication that it would be happening any time soon.

This might weigh heavy on a lot of American’s but, unfortunately, the people of America want what is best for the country, at the end of the day they want to be able to sleep with peace knowing that they made the right choice.

Electing a woman to run the country would be a risky move in a lot of people’s opinions, they have no idea what this surge of difference would do to the world and the country, they have a whole list of concerns constantly flooding through their minds.

Is it fair?


They should have given her and every other candidate a fair chance, regardless of their sexual orientation, skin color or gender.

None of these things have any effect on their mind and at the end of the day the leader of the country needs to have two things, a strong mind and a kind heart, which everyone, regardless of what they look like, has the capacity of carrying both components in which create a strong, independent, and successful leader.

Maybe, next time a woman runs for office, she will finally be able to break the presidential glass ceiling.

Until then, spreading the word about unclogging ignorance in the minds of thousands should be the next step in a brighter future for women and the world.