Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) serves to guide the overall work of the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition. It promotes the principles of transparency, inclusivity, diversity, democracy and accountability. It has a programmatic governance role, including program related budgeting. The SC facilitates meaningful engagement of the Coalition with different stakeholders at the global, regional and national levels. As such it aims to ensure that the Post-2015 Women’s Coalition is an effective nexus for feminist movement building.

The current Steering Committee is composed of the following organisations:

1. African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
2. Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
3. Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL)
4. Education International
5. Karama
6. Women Peacemakers Program (WPP)

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee (AC) contributes knowledge and time to facilitate, identify, plan and implement advocacy initiatives between Coalition members and a broad range of stakeholders, including feminist and women’s organizations, grassroots, social justice, human rights and intergovernmental organizations, and governments.

The overall aims of the AC is to both influence decision makers and contribute to movement building for the realization of women’s rights and gender equality within the context of the Post 2015 development processes at the regional and international levels. The Committee will work closely with Coalition members to lead various advocacy initiatives of the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition.

Communications Committee

The objective of the Communications Committee (CC) is to develop and strengthen communication between members of the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition, among the various Committees; and between the Coalition and other stakeholders.

The CC works to promote meaningful engagement with stakeholders at the global, regional and national levels. The Committee also advises on key issues related to Post 2015 Women’s Coalition communications, including strategy, outreach and information sharing.